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Undergraduate Programs at HDFS

The undergraduate program is developed from a base of human development and family Science courses. It is essential for the student working with children, adolescents or adults to understand and to be able to maximize the resources offered by the family. It is equally important for the student concerned with the quality of family life to recognize the intricate spiral of changing needs in the growing individual. The Department of Human Development and Family Science focuses on this synthesis.

undergraduate students at desk

The Department of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) prepares students for professional service to individuals and families. The Technical Standards presented here are pre-requisite for admission and graduation from the Department of Human Development and Family Science, College of Human Environmental Sciences of the University of Missouri. The courses required in each option area (Child Life, Child Development and Education, Families and Lifespan Development and Family and Consumer Sciences Education) develop essential skills for professional work with families and children.

HDFS Offers Undergraduate Programs in the Following Areas:

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