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Family & Community Services

The Master of Arts in Family & Community Services prepares students to empower individuals and families with diverse backgrounds and needs. Students will gain skills to manage, evaluate, and deliver programs for children and families, and provide leadership in social service agencies. Our graduates will:


Learn how individual development and family, social, and community dynamics intersect across the lifespan


Partner with families to create and evaluate evidence-informed programs that meet their varied needs


Administer family and community programs and sustain them through securing funding and managing personnel effectively

Coursework and Degree Requirements

Master of Arts – 36 total credits

Required Courses (30 credits)

Understand Families in Community Contexts

HDFS 8100: Foundations and Principles of Family and Community Services (3) a
HDFS 7690: Family Resource Management (3)
HDFS 8012: Family Dynamics (3)
HDFS 8520: Lifespan Development (3)
HDFS 7640: Interpersonal Relationships (3)
HDFS 7600: Family Resilience Across the Life Course (3)

Deliver Family Service Programs:

HDFS 8510: Parenting Programs and Parent-Child Relationships (3)
HDFS 7650: Family Crises Intervention (3)

Manage Family and Community Service Programs:

HDFS 8235: Program Administration and Management (3)
HDFS 8238: Program Design, Evaluation, and Implementation (3)

Suggested Electives* (up to 6 credits)

HDFS 7233: Basic Grant Development and Management (3, Summer)
HDFS 8087: Families in Poverty (3, Summer)
HDFS 8087: Transitions to Adulthood (3, Summer)
HDFS 8087: Nonprofits Across Cultures (3, Summer)
HDFS 8087: Family Policy (3, Fall)
HDFS 8234: Adolescents and their Families (3, Spring)
HDFS 8237: Youth Culture (3, Fall)
*Or any other adviser-approved course

Independent Capstone Effort* 

HDFS 8090: Project (3 hours)

a HDFS 8100 should be completed in the first semester of enrollment.

NOTE: Up to 6 credits can be transferred from other graduate programs, if your adviser deems the courses relevant.

Administration and Management in Family and Community Services Certificate – 12 total credits – Now accepting applications. This graduate certificate works well as a stand-alone for those who want to enhance their skills and credentials in program leadership and sustainability. It can also pair well for those who are students in other Master’s or Doctoral programs at Mizzou seeking to add specialized family and community skills to their training.

Required Courses (9 credits)

HDFS 7233: Basic Grant Development and Management (3)
HDFS 8235: Program Administration and Management (3)
HDFS 8238: Program Design, Evaluation, and Implementation (3)

Select One of the Following Courses* (3 credits)

HDFS 7600: Family Resilience (3)
HDFS 7650: Family Crisis Intervention (3)
HDFS 8012: Family Dynamics and Intervention (3)
*Or any other adviser-approved course

Graduates from Family and Community Services work in a variety of settings. Empower and serve those in your community!

  • Family advocacy programs
  • County Extension offices
  • Military community services
  • Social service agencies
  • Emergency shelters / Crisis centers
  • Public policy
  • Government agencies

Graduates may qualify for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential from the National Council on Family Relations

Apply Now

The Online Family & Community Service program is flexible, affordable, and designed for you!!
  • 100% online, no campus visits required
  • Flexible timeline to completion – continue to work while earning your degree
  • Rolling admissions – courses offered year-round
  • Customize electives to meet your professional goals
  • Flat-rate tuition – no added distance or out-of-state costs
  • Tuition reduction available for MU/Extension employees and military members
  • Federal financial aid eligible for both MA and Certificate programs
  • Applied focus to enhance your current work or support future career goals
  • Learn alongside other working professionals across the nation
  • Hands-on advisers help you meet your goals
  • Take charge of your learning and career growth

Family & Community Services BrochureClick image to open brochure

Brandi Richardson“I wanted to finish a master’s so I could advance in my career. I wanted challenging course work and to complete a program that I could really be proud of. Mizzou offers an excellent support system.”


Brittney Smith“Saying that I have a master’s from Mizzou helps me feel complete. I’ve taken multiple things I’ve learned from class and applied them to my work. Doing an online program is a chance to learn more and be more … It’s worth it.”


HDFS Online Graduate Program Partners

The Family & Community Services online graduate program is offered as a collaborative partnership in conjunction with several other university partners. Visit the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) website for the most up-to-date information regarding tuition, course offerings, and teaching faculty.

Visit the Missouri Online website for more information about online programs, how to apply, and to request enrollment in our Family & Community Services courses.

Family & Community Services Adviser

Ashlie LesterAshlie Lester
Phone: (573) 882-1301