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CDL Teacher Training Experiences

As a parent of a child attending the Child Development Laboratory (CDL), you will be able to participate in a variety of teacher training experiences. Because teacher training is such an important mission we welcome your participation.

Student teachers are enrolled in one of the following courses:

  • HDFS 3500 (Infant-Toddler Practicum) 6 credit hours
  • HDFS 3700 (Preschool Practicum) 6 credit hours

The CDL is affiliated with the Department of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) within the College of Education and Human Development. Each year approximately 100 students receive direct practicum experience student teaching at the CDL.

Students enrolled in HDFS 2510, 3500and 3700 receive instruction from CDL + HDFS Instructors and Faculty. Most students who are required to take the lab classes are majors in Child Development & Education, Child Life, or Families and Lifespan Development.

  • Blue Door: Students enrolled in HDFS 3500 (Infant-Toddler Practicum) attend classes instructed by a CDL Laboratory Instuctor and are required to work eight hours each week during the fall and spring semesters and 14 hours each week during the summer. Most students enrolled in this course are Child Development & Education or Child Life majors.
  • Yellow Door, Red Door and Green Door: Students enrolled in HDFS 3700 student teach in the rooms for eight hours each week during fall and spring semesters and 16 hours each week during the summer semester.
At least once each semester, parents are invited to attend an event so that parents and student teachers can get to know one another.
Most children enrolled in the CDL will be focus children at least one semester each year. Each college student is assigned one focus child each semester. The student observes this child’s development over the semester and builds a more personal relationship.
At the end of the semester, parents of children who have been Focus Children receive an end-of-the-semester conference with the child’s teacher and the student teacher. During the conference the student teacher informs the parent(s) about the child’s development as observed over the course of the semester and uses the time to set goals and answer questions.