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Current Research Projects & Findings

The MU Child Development Lab (CDL) is actively involved with faculty and graduate students throughout the University in research endeavors involving teaching practices, child development, and the study of children and their families.

Recent research projects included: “Who’s Drinking? Comprehension and Production of Iconic Gestures in Preschoolers,” “Availability and Use of Recorded Music in Selected Preschool Classrooms,” “Maternal Supervision Project,” “Who Cares? Assessing Young Children’s Understanding of Care and Concern in Others,” “Family Relationships and Children’s Well-Being: A Contextual Perspective” and “Selective Attention in Children with Autism.”

Each room has observation booths with one-way mirrors and head-sets to facilitate the research process. We also have an assessment room on-site that can be used for research purposes.

For more information please see the Research Proposal Request.