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CDL Personnel

All paid personnel of the MU Child Development Laboratory (CDL) are part of the Department of Human Development and Family Science within the College of Education and Human Development.

Each room has at least two full-time teachers; Blue Door has three full-time teachers. MU work study students, practicum students, volunteers and other students also spend time in the classroom to provide extra one-on-one interactions.

A variety of family and child needs are met through the CDL while college students from several departments are learning from first-hand experience how to become better teachers.

The CDL is directed by a faculty member who is responsible for day-to-day oversight including supervising personnel, enrollment, managing the budget, coordinating the educational program and maintaining licensing and accreditation. The director is also responsible for teaching, research, and advising within the department.

Each room is coordinated by a lead teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Science, Early Childhood Education or a closely-related field coupled with extensive experience working with the specific age group and teaching college students.

All CDL full-time teachers have CPR, AED, First Aid certification, and a criminal background check.

Are you interested in being a CDL part-time/substitute staff member?
Substitutes help full-time teachers and provide additional direct interaction with children. Experience with children is preferred, but training is available. Subs are most needed 1:00-5:30pm with more hours possible.

For more information or to apply, email