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CDL Research Element

The MU Child Development Lab (CDL) is pleased to cooperate with research projects approved by the Campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) and CDL staff. These policies have been developed to ensure the privacy of the children, families, and teachers at the MU CDL. All investigators who conduct research are asked to read and adhere to the following policies:

  • Researchers may not take photographic images, make videotaped observations, or collect other information about children in the lab without both parental and child informed consent.
  • A faculty member must sponsor student researchers.
  • All research projects must be approved by the IRB; the investigator will be required to submit the IRB title and seven-digit number.
  • All researchers must submit a CDL Research Proposal Request.
  • All researchers must receive approval of the CDL Research Proposal Request prior to beginning the project. The research proposal is discussed during a lab staff meeting and approved by the CDL director, a laboratory instructor, an assistant instructor and a Parent Advisory Council member.
  • The proposal will be evaluated and approved based on the appropriateness of the research methodology and design; the involvement required by the participants; and the degree of intrusiveness into the daily program and routine.
  • The researcher shall distribute and collect all consent forms.
  • Children must provide assent in order to participate in the research. If the child becomes tired, restless or unwilling, the child’s participation will end and may be rescheduled for a later date.
  • All photographic images or videotapes should be respectful examples and used solely for the purposes identified in the research.
  • All photographic images or videotapes may not be used in any electronic media.
  • All photographic images or videotapes may not be published unless authorized by a parent release.
  • The CDL director will monitor all approved projects.
  • The approved research may be terminated at the discretion of the CDL director at any time for any reason.
  • The researcher must be available to parents to discuss concerns or address questions.
  • All information collected from the MU Child Development Laboratory must be treated with the highest confidentiality and used solely for the purposes identified in the research.

For more information, see MU Researchers, the Research Proposal Request and the Campus Institutional Review Board.