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HDFS Student Paperwork Instructions

Welcome work study students, volunteers and student teachers to HDFS 2510, 3500, and 3700! As part of your HDFS coursework you will be working in the MU Child Development Laboratory, which is licensed by the state and accredited through Missouri Accreditation. Students will be required to spend eight (3500 and 3700) hours per week (15 hours per week required during summer) and will need large blocks of time available between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm (excluding 2-3 pm) to accommodate this requirement. During this course you will complete numerous projects that may require additional evening and weekend blocks of time (e.g. setting up classroom environments, group projects, etc.). Please see your advisor regarding a recommended course load when taking a CDL lab course.

In order to student teach in the lab, you must comply with certain requirements set forth by the Missouri Department of Health, Division of Health and Senior Services. All students must have the following documents on file before starting lab. Lab hours begin approximately the first week of class, but we strongly suggest that you turn in your documents to Raina Cornell ( two weeks before classes begin.


    1. Complete Employee and Student Policy Agreement (PDF). Signed and dated per policy.
    2. Complete Acknowledgment of Risk Form (PDF). Signed and dated per policy
  1. Family Care Safety Registry: In order to work with children, you must be included in the Family Care Safety Registry.
    1. You need to see if you are already registered. Call toll free 1-866-422-6872.
    2. If you are not registered go to Register On-Line (NEW) and follow the instructions. You will need your Social Security Number and a valid Credit Card before proceeding.
    3. Print out the Worker Registration Form and fill out the top portion with your Name, Social Security Number, and Birthdate. Turn this in along with the rest of your packet of required paperwork to 50 Stanley Hall. We will then retrieve your Missouri Registry Form for our files.
  2. Health Physical and TB Test: We no longer require a TB test unless the student has traveled out of the country or answers Yes to one of the questions on the risk assessment. Full-time MU students may receive physicals and TB tests at the MU Student Health Center (882-7481) but will need to schedule an appointment with an anticipated wait time of at least one week. Staff at the MU Student Health Center will gladly inform you of any fees and the specific amounts when you schedule your appointment – simply ask for that information at that time. TB Risk Assessments are also administered for free at the Boone County Health Department (1005 W. Worley); call (573) 874-7345 for details. If you are at risk for TB you will need a tuberculin skin test; which takes two days to receive results. TB tests expire after one year. Please use the designated health form and TB Risk Assessment Form and make sure it is signed by a physician.
  3. Food Handler Certification: In order to handle food, you must have proof that you attended a food handler class. Classes are held by the City of Columbia three times per month (874-7346) and expire after three years. Three-year certification costs $15. Consult the Food Handler Cards page for a schedule and information online classes.
  4. Appropriate Dress: Students working in the lab are required to wear black scrub tops and bottoms. Please purchase from the University Book Store. Active wear, yoga pants, and tight leggings are not permitted.

Please submit all paperwork to Raina Cornell ( two weeks before the semester begins. If you have questions about the required documentation, please call Raina Cornell at (573) 882-4318.