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Graduate Forms & Handbooks


  • M1: Program of Study (pdf)
    This form is required of all master’s degree students by the end of their second semester (on-campus students) or by the start of their FINAL semester of coursework (online students). It lists courses students will need to take or have taken in order to graduate. These courses must be approved by advisers.
  • Plan of Study Course Substitution Form (pdf)
  • M2: Request for Thesis Committee (pdf)
    This form is required only for students who will write a thesis. Students must choose 3 members, one of which is from outside of HDFS.
  • M2.5: Acceptance of Proposal (pdf)
    This is an in-house form required of all Master’s degree students.
  • M3: Report of the Examining Committee (pdf)
    This form is required of all master’s degree students. The purpose of this form is to have an official record of the final examining process, whether it be a thesis defense, presentation of a project, or master’s comprehensive examination.

This in-house form is filed after you have successfully defended Phase 1 of the comprehensive examination. It serves as a contract between you and your committee members establishing deadlines for future defense meetings associated with Phase 2 of the comprehensive examination.

  • Change of Committee Form (pdf)
    For use by students who make a change to their thesis or doctoral committees.
  • Course Substitution Form (pdf)
    For use by students who make a change to their programs of study.
  • Change of Program, Degree, Emphasis or Advisor Form (pdf)
    For use by currently enrolled MU graduate students who are changing program, degree, emphasis or advisor. Degree-seeking graduate students wishing to become Post-Baccalaureate students are included.
  • Research Plan for HDFS 9210 Research Practicum (pdf)
    For use by students conducting research pratica. For each research practicum, the student and his or her practicum advisor must complete this form and submit it to the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Request for Graduate Student Travel Presentation Award (pdf)
  • Non-Law Student Course Request Form (pdf)
    Students who would like to register for Family Law must fill out this form for the Law School. It requires signatures from the Family Law Instructor, your advisor, and the Associate Dean in the Law School. Once the form is complete, return to Denise Boessen and she will manually enroll you for the course. Family Law is NOT enrolled through MyZou. The Law School enrolls non-law students only after registration for law students is complete, so it may come together later than pre-registration for your other classes. Please note that this form was created by the Law School and is subject to change at any time. This form is current as of March, 2014.


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