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Department Policies

Undergraduate students must review and adhere to the policies below. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact Nora Hager.

February 7, 2011

HDFS students who are pursuing both the Child Life and the Child Development and Education emphasis areas must complete both internships. Students who are pursuing other dual emphasis area combinations need only complete one internship. However, this internship must integrate experiences relevant to both emphasis areas, and the written materials required for completion of the internship must address both areas. For example, a student with dual emphasis areas in Child Life and Families & Lifespan Development must complete a child life internship and be sure to also incorporate Families and Lifespan Development experiences in that internship and in papers. The Internship Coordinators in both areas must approve the internship and grade submitted materials.

January 27, 2011

MU Students may only earn credit for one of the following courses dealing with child development: HDFS 3420, Psyc 2410, or ESC PS 2500. HDFS majors should take HDFS 3420 unless they have completed either of the other two courses prior to transfer into HDFS. HDFS 3420 meets the upper-level Writing Intensive (WI) requirement of the HDFS major. Students needing an upper-level WI class who have already completed either Psyc 2410 or ESC PS 2500 may enroll in HDFS 3420 to meet the WI requirement. However, they will receive only Writing Intensive credit, not credit hours, for the course.

January 27, 2011

Students may enroll in HDFS 4993 (Senior Internship) in the final year of their undergraduate program. HDFS 4993 may be completed the semester before, during, or after HDFS 4970 (HDFS Capstone). To enroll in Senior Internship, students must have attended the internship meeting held by the Internship Coordinator, or have the Coordinator’s permission.

January 27, 2011

To enroll in HDFS 4970 – HDFS Capstone (required for the Families and Lifespan Development emphasis area), students must have completed ALL courses listed on the left side of the degree sheet (under “Required Core Courses” (45-50 hours)) EXCEPT for HDFS 4993, OR, they must receive permission from the instructor to enroll.