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The Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum

The Emerging Language & Literacy Curriculum (ELLC) prepares preschoolers for success in kindergarten and gives them a strong foundation in oral language and literacy with this scientifically based curriculum. This program not only addresses all developmental domains with theme-based units, children’s literature, multisensory activities, scaffolded instruction and parental involvement but also creates an engaging environment with activity and play-based learning.

book covers of ELLC training

ELLC Training Dates and Registration Form for TEACHERS

ELLC 3-day Institute
  • Cost: $850 per person ( includes the ELLC Manuals and notebook of resources) 

ELLC On-Line Training Registration Form

ELLC On-Line Training (equivalent to the 3-day Institute)
  • Sign up and begin any month (you will have 3 months to complete it)
  • Cost: $300 per person. (you must have the new ELLC manual prior to beginning the course)
Math and Science in the ELLC On-line Training (equivalent to the 1-day Institute)

• Sign up and begin any month (you will have 2 months to complete it)
• $150 per person (you must have the new ELLC manual prior to beginning the course)

ELLC Consultation

When might consultation be requested?

  • Prior to making decision about curriculum selection for 1 hour at no cost
  • After initial training when additional assistance is requested

ELLC Consulation Model

Unit 23: Kindergarten

Zoo Unit: Pictures and Vocabulary

Zoo Animal Pictures

These pictures can be copied and used with the Zoo Unit. Please ignore the “Buy Photos” on the right of the top picture—you can copy and print the pictures at your convenience.

Vocabulary to Support the Pictures

Replacement Books for Out of Print Books

Out of Print Unit Books Often out of print Unit books can be located through local libraries or other sources. However, when Unit books listed in Book B, on the ELLC Unit Theme Overview, and described in the Units, go out of print, you may:

  • Go the MU Center for Family Policy and Research website: and go to the tab for Replacement Unit Books.
  • On the websites, you will find suggestions from the ELLC authors for substitute books and suggestions for changes, if indicated, to:
    • Vocabulary
    • Language Forms
    • Prepositions
    • Small Phonological Groups targets
    • ELLC Circle Time
    • Learning Centers
    • Themed Art

Programs that already have the unit books listed and described in ELLC Book B do not need to replace them unless they wish to do so.

Additional Information about ELLC

Alignment of ELLC with Science of Reading, DRDP-PS and Early Learning Goals


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