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Prosocial Tendencies Measure (PTM)

Measure Description

Based on theory and research that suggests that there are distinct forms of prosocial behaviors, this self-report, paper-and-pencil measure is designed to assess six different types of prosocial tendencies. The measure was originally developed to use with college aged students and young adults (PTM) and was later modified (the PTM-R) to use with middle and high school aged adolescents. Based on analyses with additional samples and using more sophisticated analytic techniques, we have since revised further the PTM-R.

The six subscales of the measure are public, anonymous, compliant, altruism, emotional and dire prosocial tendencies. Analyses of the psychometric properties of the measure are promising but much more validation work is needed. Therefore, reports of the results of your research using this scale would be much appreciated.

Languages the PTM is Available In

English, Slovac, Urdu (Pakistan), Czech, French, Turkish, Spanish, German, Swedish and Chinese

Sample Items

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