Post-Graduate Placements

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  • Bari Bates, CLS
    Cincinatti Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • Ashton Chapman, PhD
    Postdoc Research Associate Iowa State University
  • Ashley Ermer, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Montclair State University
  • Young Jin Kang
    Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Springfield
  • Luke Russell, PhD
    Assistant Teaching Professor University of Missouri
  • Christina Squires
    Assistant Professor, Nevada State College
  • Cara Streit, PhD, PhD
    Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
  • Alexandra Davis, PhD
    Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
  • Andrea Roach, PhD
    Assistant Professor, California State University-Fresno
  • Adam Galovan, PhD
    Assistant Professor University of Alberta
  • Erin Harmeyer, PhD
    Assistant Professional Lecturer University of Wyoming
  • Emily Bradley, MA in Child Life
    Child Life Specialist, McKay-Dee Hospital; Ogden, Utah
  • Greg Brooks, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, Abilene Christian University; Abilene, Texas
  • Richard Feistman, PhD
    Bureau Coordinator Family and Community Engagement, New Hampshire Department of Education
  • Brittany Krauth, MA in Child Life
    Child Life Specialist, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center; Baltimore, Maryland
  • Graham McCaulley, PhD
    Associate Extension Professor, State Family Financial Education Specialist
  • James Stowe, PhD
    Co-Chair, Subcommittee on Elder Mobility and Safety, Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety
  • Colleen Emge, MA
    Math Fellow at Northwest Academy of Law; St. Louis, Missouri
  • Ashlie Lester, PhD
    Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Missouri; Columbia, Missouri
  • Jacquelyn Benson, PhD
    Assistant Professor, HDFS Extension, University of Missouri; Columbia, Missouri
  • Shaun Calix, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Cameron University; Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Tamara G. Coon Sells, PhD
    Course Review Specialist, Columbia College; Mexico, Missouri
  • Tyler Jamison, PhD
    Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire; Durham, New Hampshire
  • Jonathon Beckmeyer, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana
  • Marilyn Preston, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State; Allendale, Michigan
  • Jane Claire Cook, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University; Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Anthony James, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Miami University; Oxford, Ohio
  • Kimberly Koeman, MA
    Arts Award Advisor and Project Administrator (Chocolate Films); London England
  • Alison Levitch, PhD
    Visiting Assistant Professor; Quincy University
  • Yu-Chen (Monica) Liu, MA
    English editor of magazines, dvds and toys for young children to learn English as a foreign language; Taipei, Taiwan
  • Bethany Russell, MA
    Clinical Supervisor of the Child Life Department; Indianapolis, IN
  • Danielle Turley, MA
    MU Extension-MOSAC Coordinator and Afterschool Resource Education; Columbia, MO
  • Darajun Abel, MA
    Parent Educator; Illinois
  • Shannon Cromwell, MA
    State Extension Specialist; Florida
  • Melinda Markham, PhD
    Assistant Professor; Kansas State-Salina
  • Kortet Mensah, PhD
    Regional Director, Diversity and Multicultural Services for Miami University in Ohio
  • Lynette Nickleberry, PhD
    Visiting Assistant Professor; University of Missouri Black Studies Department
  • Katherine Ball, PhD
    Research Coordinator; University of Texas School of Public Health
  • Heidi Watkins, MA
    Pre-K teacher at a Child Development Center; Charlotte, NC
  • Ashley Blake, MA
    State Extension Specialist; Des Moines, IA
  • Chisato Kimura, MA
    Child Life Specialist
  • Tyler Robertson, MA
    Certified Child Life Specialist; St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Scott Tobias, PhD
    Assistant Professor; Kent State-Stark
  • Jessica Troilo, PhD
    Assistant Professor; University of West Virginia
  • Noriko Porter, PhD
    Assistant Teaching Professor; Washington State University
  • Annamaria Csizmadia, PhD
    Assistant Professor; University of Connecticut
  • Tanja Rothrauff, PhD
    Assistant Research Professor; University of Georgia
  • William Smith, MA
    Faculty Teaching Instructor; El Centro College: Dallas, TX
  • Michelle Mathews, PhD
    Consultant, M & T Educational Consulting, Inc.; St. Louis, MO
  • Jennifer Henk, PhD
    Assistant Professor; University of Arkansas
  • Kimberly Keller, PhD
    Research Associate; University of Missouri Extension - OSEDA
  • Scott E Harper, PhD
    Associate Professor; Oklahoma Christian University
  • Yiting Change, PhD
    Assistant Professor; University of Vermont
  • Amrita Singh, MA
    Program Manager; Asia Pacific with Child Helpline International: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Valeri Lane, PhD
    Senior Training Specialist; Zero to Three
  • Jason Hans, PhD
    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies; University of Kentucky
  • Sekyung Park, PhD
    Research Fellow; Korea institute for Health and Social Affairs