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Cattle Feedlot Workers and their Families

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Gustavo Carlo
Primary Collaborators: Athena Ramos, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska

About this Project

Understanding Latino immigrant cattle feedlot workers’ health status, unique risk and protective factors, and specific occupational educational and training needs are imperative to addressing the health and safety risks within the cattle production industry and the long-term economic impacts of such problems. This project seeks to better understand Latino immigrant cattle feedlot workers and their families in two top cattle producing states, Nebraska and Kansas, through interviewing 250 workers. We propose a new Ecological Stress-based Model of Immigrant Health and Safety and will test the model’s properties with the information that is collected from the workers. Finally, we plan to develop, evaluate, and disseminate culturally and linguistically, industry-specific health and safety information for cattle feedlot workers.