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Dr. Landor Receives President’s Award for Early Career Excellence

Antoinette LandorCongratulations to Dr. Antoinette Landor, HDFS Assistant Professor and Co-Founder/Associate Director of the Center for Body Image Research and Policy (CBIRP), on receiving the UM System President’s Award for Early Career Excellence. Since joining Mizzou in 2014, Dr. Landor has pushed researchers, academics and the public to think in new and more complex ways about discrimination. Her nationally-recognized work seeks to understand how skin tone and colorism (discrimination based on how dark or light a person is) are related to family functioning, romantic relationships and personal health. As one of few experts in this area, Dr. Landor has made a major impact, publishing on average more than four articles of primary research each year and receiving recognition from the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and the Society for Research in Child Development, two of the most prominent organizations in the field of human development and family science. She also engages in mentorship of African American undergraduate and graduate students on campus and works tirelessly to inform public discussions around race and skin tone. Dr. Landor’s work in Ferguson and at the University during moments of unrest over racial issues has built a community dialogue that encourages critical thinking and empathic rationality when facing emotionally volatile and often divisive issues. Dr. Landor is one of Mizzou’s finest scholars, recognized by her peers and students as an expert, and dedicated to improving society by helping our community think carefully about race, colorism and relationships.