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College Well-Being Lab

In the College Well-Being Lab at University of Missouri, Dr. Ravert, students, and colleagues conduct research college student’s experiences and attitudes, and how they are associated with outcomes including psychological well-being, life satisfaction, achievement, and behavior. We are particularly interested in a) attitudes toward taking risks and playing it safe during this time of life, and b) the experience of moving into adulthood and attending college with a chronic medical condition. We usually collect data through paper and online surveys and interviews, but have also used crowdsourced data (e.g. Amazon Turk) and secondary datasets (e.g., National College Health Assessment).

2020-2022 College Well-being Lab Members and Projects

Sun, W. (2022, May). Perceived norms and help-seeking intentions among college student-athletes (Unpublished master’s thesis). University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri.

Asnan, F. N., & Ravert, R. D. (2022, March). Risk and uncertainty experiences of international students in the U.S.. Research poster presented at the 2022 Biennial Society for Research on Adolescence Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Colbert, K. C., & Ravert, R. D. (2022, April). College student attitudes toward taking risks and playing it safe.(2022, April). Research poster presented at the 2022 University of Missouri Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum, Columbia, Missouri.

Ravert, R. D., Oberfranc, K. J., & Dannecker, E. A. (2022, April). Injury risk attitudes of young adult skateboarders. Research poster presented at the 2022 Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

Dier, S.E. (2021, December). Narratives of college students with chronic medical conditions. Research Development Award, Graduate Professional Council, University of Missouri ($500).


Russell Ravert, PhD

Department of Human Development & Family Science

College of Education and Human Development

University of Missouri




Russell Ravert holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (Indiana University), MS in Human Development & Family Studies (University of North Texas), and BA in Psychology (Southwestern University). Prior to his doctorate studies, Ravert worked as a Certified Child Life Specialist (C.C.L.S.) with the adolescent unit and cystic fibrosis clinic at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. He has been a faculty member at Mizzou in HDFS since 2015.

Ravert’s research focuses on attitudes, experiences, and behaviors related to health and psychological well-being during the years between adolescence and adulthood. He conducts research with students and colleagues focused on two primary areas, a) attitudes and experiences related to taking risks at this time of life, and b) attending college with a chronic medical condition. Research methods in those studies have included paper and online surveys, interviews, analysis of web-based content, daily diary data, secondary data sets, and crowdsourcing.