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Ashlie Lester Receives Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award

Ashlie Lester recieving an award from Dr. Amy Lannin
This May, Dr. Ashlie Lester, Associate Teaching Professor in HDFS, received a 2022 Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award at the 2022 Celebration of Teaching event. Dr. Amy Lannin, Associate Professor and Director of the Campus Writing Program, presented this award on behalf of the Campus Writing Program to recognize Dr. Lester’s dedication to building WI courses that promote critical thinking and require students to explore the complexity of a discipline through writing.

Since Fall 2015, Dr. Lester has been the instructor for HDFS 2400WI: Principles of Human Development. This course covers the fundamental research and theory of human development across the lifespan and the skill of professional writing. The progressive writing assignments are designed to enhance student autonomy, scaffold student learning, and build competence throughout the term.

In addition to teaching hundreds of students, Dr. Lester also oversees and mentors a team of HDFS graduate teaching assistants who work directly with students during lab sections. Throughout lectures, labs, and activities, students are learning to write and writing to learn human development concepts. Dr. Lester noted, “I am so proud of the students in this complex course. They must consume an immense amount of material, practice each step of the writing process, and be open to feedback. My hope is that students apply all they’ve learned—the knowledge of human development and the very practical skill of professional writing—throughout their lives.”