Families and Health Research

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Name & Title Research Interests Contact Information
Jacquelyn Benson, PhD
Assistant Professor, State Extension Specialist
Intimate relationships in later life; family caregiving at end-of-life (573) 882-4399
Lawrence Ganong, PhD
Professor, Department Co-Chair
Remarriage and stepfamilies; family obligations (573) 882-6852
Brenda Lohman, PhD
Professor and Department Chair
Adolescence and young adulthood; families and health (573) 882-6852
Michelle Mathews, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor, CDL Director, Undergraduate Advisor for Child Development and Education
Early childhood; families & health (573) 882-3999
Kale Monk, PhD
Assistant Professor
Antecedents and consequences of relationship instability; romantic relationship processes during life transitions; military couples and mental health across the deployment-reintegration cycle (573) 882-1302
Christine Proulx, PhD
Associate Professor
Associations between adults' close relationships and their personal well-being; close relationships in mid and later life; analysis of dyads over time; contextual influences on adults' close relationships (573) 882-3029
Russell Ravert, PhD
Associate Professor, Graduate Child Life Program Director
Child and adolescent health and well-being; risk attitudes and behaviors during emerging adulthood; transitioning to adulthood with chronic illness (573) 882-1299