Adolescence & Young Adulthood Research

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Name & Title Research Interests Contact Information
Bradd Anderson, EdD
Assistant Professor
Leadership development; positive youth development; military children and teens; adolescent development; brain development (573) 884-0576
Tashel Bordere, PhD
Assistant Professor, State Specialist, Youth Development, HES Extension
Adolesence and young adulthood; dying, loss and bereavement; african-american children, youth & families (573) 882-5617
Sarah Killoren, PhD
Assistant Professor
Family relationships, culture, and Latino adolescent and young adult adjustment; contributions of parents and siblings to adolescents’ sexual health and positive development; parent-adolescent and sibling relationship dynamics (573) 882-7528
Antoinette Landor, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sexual behavior and romantic relationships in adolescence and young adulthood; family and sociocultural influences on sexual behavior and romantic relationships (573) 882-4888
Brenda Lohman, PhD
Professor and Department Chair
Adolescence and young adulthood; families and health (573) 882-6852
Russell Ravert, PhD
Associate Professor, Graduate Child Life Program Director
Child and adolescent health and well-being; risk attitudes and behaviors during emerging adulthood; transitioning to adulthood with chronic illness (573) 882-1299
Duane Rudy, PhD
Associate Professor
Socialization processes; parent-child relationships; culture and the family; parental cognition (573) 884-1701