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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Department Honors Program

MU undergraduate students who have a 3.5 cumulative MU GPA can select to pursue the requirements for the HDFS Honors Program and graduate with department honors in HDFS.

students in graduation caps and gowns

To complete the HDFS Honors Program, eligible students must:

  1. select and meet with a faculty honors mentor (selected from full-time HDFS faculty members) early after admission to the department to complete the Honors
  2. enroll in the honors section of department courses when such sections are offered.
  3. attend 10 department or campus research colloquia that are pre-approved by the faculty honors mentor. For each colloquium, the student must write a one-page, typed reflective essay to be turned into the faculty honors mentor.
  4. engage in a significant year-long (at least 2 semesters) research experience with a faculty member (not necessarily the faculty honors mentor). Students register for HDFS 4085 (Problems) for 3-6 credit hours (1 credit hour = 40 hours of research work). The research supervisor assigns the S/U grade for this course upon evaluation of the research project.
  5. complete a written research paper/thesis based on the research experience noted in #4.
  6. present the completed research (noted in #4) to HDFS faculty and students in a public forum.

Application for Departmental Honors (pdf)

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