Latino Children, Youth and Families Research

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Name & Title Research Interests Contact Information
Gustavo Carlo, PhD
Millsap Professor of Diversity
Prosocial and moral development among children and adolescents; temperament, family correlates, social cognitions and emotions, and culture-related variables associated with such development; positive health and adjustment among Latino families and youth (573) 884-6301
Sarah Killoren, PhD
Assistant Professor
Family relationships, culture, and Latino adolescent and young adult adjustment; contributions of parents and siblings to adolescents’ sexual health and positive development; parent-adolescent and sibling relationship dynamics (573) 882-7528
Miriam Martinez, PhD
Assistant Research Professor, CFPR Director
Development of self-regulation in low-income and ethnic minority populations; parenting and socialization practices; assessment and measurement evaluation (573) 884-4035
Francisco Palermo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Latino children’s sociobehavioral health, English acquisition, and academic well-being; contributions of parent, teacher, and peer experiences (573) 884-0932