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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Intimate & Romantic Relationships

Friendships and romantic relationships are central to the human experience. We study how these relationships develop, and how they influence and are influenced by one’s context.

African American family

Name & Title Research Interests Contact Information
Jacquelyn Benson, PhD
Assistant Professor, State Extension Specialist
Intimate relationships in later life; family caregiving at end-of-life (573) 882-4399
Lawrence Ganong, PhD
Professor, Department Co-Chair
Remarriage and stepfamilies; family obligations (573) 882-6852
Chelsea Garneau-Rosner, PhD
Assistant Professor
Divorce, remarriage, & stepfamilies; stepfamily processes; family structure transitions (573) 882-4035
Antoinette Landor, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sexual behavior and romantic relationships in adolescence and young adulthood; family and sociocultural influences on sexual behavior and romantic relationships (573) 882-4888
Ashlie Lester, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Religious similarity & intimate relationships (573) 882-1301
Christine Proulx, PhD
Associate Professor
Associations between adults' close relationships and their personal well-being; close relationships in mid and later life; analysis of dyads over time; contextual influences on adults' close relationships (573) 882-3029

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