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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Youth Develoment Specialist Graduate Certificate (online only)

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A certificate in youth development is ideal for professionals in a variety of youth-related fields. Areas include youth-serving organizations like 4-H; Boys and Girls Club; non-profit organizations; faith-based groups; community recreation facilities; correctional professions; elementary, middle and high school educators; and extension educators.

teens talking

Youth Development Specialist (13 credits)


HDFS 7231: Foundations of Youth Development (1)

And any four of the following courses (12 credits):

HDFS 8234: Adolescents and their Families (3)
HDFS 8236: Federal and State Policies that Impact Youth Development (3)
HDFS 8237: Youth Culture (3)
HDFS 8239: Community Youth Development (3)
HDFS 8240: Youth Development (3)
HDFS 7001: Topics in Contemporary Youth Issues (3)

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