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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Gerontology Graduate Certificate (online only)

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A certificate in gerontology is ideal for professionals in a variety of aging-related fields. Areas include senior-services organizations like centers on aging; senior centers; nursing homes; assisted, independent and aging-in-place living facilities; non-profit organizations; faith-based groups; and extension educators.

younger hand holding older hand

Gerontology (21 credits)

The graduate certificate program consists of 5 required 3-credit courses. These are:

HDFS 7252: Adult Development (3)
HDFS 8251: Perspectives in Gerontology (3)
HDFS 8253: Physical Health and Aging (3)
HDFS 8254: Program Evaluation and Research Methods (3)
HDFS 8258: Professional Seminar in Gerontology (3)

The remaining six credits can be taken from other core courses or from gerontology electives. Up to three credits of internship experience may be included in the certificate program.

HDFS 7233: Basic Grant Development and Management (1)
HDFS 7235: Administration and Program Management (3)
HDFS 7255: Aging Policy (3)
HDFS 7256: Environments and Aging (3)
HDFS 7257: Aging and the Family (3)
HDFS 7259: Mental Health and Aging (3)
HDFS 7260: Women and Aging (3)
HDFS 7261: Biological Principles of Aging (3)
HDFS 7262: Long-term care Administration (3)
HDFS 8238: Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation (3)
HDFS 8972: Internship (3)

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